• 1. Choose Your Snaps

    Choose the perfect pack for your wedding. We'll ship the cameras to your doorstep in plenty of time for your wedding.

    Want digital copies? Print copies? We gotchu covered on all fronts.

  • 2. Let Your Guests Snap Your Wedding

    Who takes the pics? Choose wisely & designate your photographers as "Snaps of Honor." We want to make sure that these crazy kids are trained (i.e. they remember to turn the flash on and not stick their finger on the lens).

  • 3. Receive Your Mems

    Use our return label, drop it off in the mail before or after your honeymoon. We'll send you all the snaps, whether digital or physical prints, within 2-3 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many photos will I get?

Your Snaps pack can take up to 162 photos (27 per camera) in total.

We estimate you will get anywhere from 80-120 images back from your special day. Encourage your guests to use them throughout the weekend to ensure you get as many memories back as possible. We love photos from the rehearsal dinner, the primping and prepping, the cake cutting, and obviously the dance floor.

How does the process work?

It's super simple!

  1. Order a Chickadee Snaps pack today. We ship the camera pack to be delivered to your doorstep a week before your big day.
  2. Designate your Snaps of Honor or place your cameras with trusted guests to use during your wedding.
  3. Designate your planner, mom, or trustworthy best friend to collect the cameras before everyone leaves.
  4. Return the box with our included return label.
  5. Receive all the fun captures in your inbox with a secure portal within 5-7 days after we receive your pack back.
  6. If you ordered prints, you'll receive those in the mail shortly after!

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Do you print them for me?

Of course!

Select the print option when you add the product to your cart and we will send you the 4x6" prints once the film has been developed and retouched.

Don't worry, you'll still receive the digital files while you wait for the physical prints.

How long does it take to get the photos developed?

Once we have received your shipment back, you can expect a secure link with your digital copies in 5-10 business days.

Prints will arrive within 5-10 days after you receive your digital copies.

Do you recycle the cameras?

If you develop with us, yes! All of our cameras are recycled - We want to make sure our processes are as sustainable as possible.

However, if you choose not to develop your film with us, we strongly encourage doing your research and making sure the photo lab you use has sustainable practices as well. Let's keep our planet thriving!

What if I'm traveling to my wedding?

That's totally cool. We recommend to NOT check your Chickadee Snaps pack. Instead carry it with you through TSA and request that they manually look at your Snaps cameras instead of running it through the x-ray machine.

Another option is, of course, setting delivery to where you will be staying during the wedding weekend. *Please note, we can't be responsible for issues with hotel or airbnb deliveries gone wrong. Make sure you confirm all the mailing details are in order before opting for this.

  • The Cameras

    • Up to 189 Film Captures
    • 6 or 7 Cameras (you pick if you want one for the Honeymoon)
    • Free Shipping & Return Shipping
  • The Development

    • Professional Film Development
    • Digital Retouching of Each Image
    • Red Eye Removal

  • The Vibe

    • Nostalgic mems forever.
    • Secure Digital Preview Link (1-2 weeks after we receive the pack back)
    • 4x6 Prints & Negatives (if ordered)

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Our Story...

Chickadee Snaps was born out of a desire to give couples of all budgets an affordable, fun, and easy way to have that classic nostalgic vibe at their special day without the hassle.

Our journey began with Chickadee Photo Booths (yeah, we know a thing or two about how weddings roll). For us, there is no greater joy than seeing the smiles that come from guests remembering what an AMAZING wedding you're going to throw. We're simply here to spread those smiles even more.

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