Chickadee Snaps was born out of a desire to give couples of all budgets an affordable, fun, and easy way to have that classic nostalgic vibe at their special day without the hassle.

With Chickadee, you can purchase wedding-branded disposable cameras or opt in for our full-service, door-to-door development of the film.

Why are these cameras special?

Let's start with the basics - they aren't bright orange or neon green (assuming your color palette doesn't include those colors). Our cameras were specifically designed to blend in with your decor choices. They're also fool-proofed to make sure your guests snap the best quality photo - HELLO FLASH!

We've tested a lot of disposable cameras to make sure we're providing the best quality film for your memories. Basically, we've done the research for you - Trust us, these are the cameras you want.

Why is your film development special?

Finding (and trusting) a photo lab with the precious film that holds your fun wedding photos is stressful. Traditional chain film development labs make more money when they rush the process, and in our opinion, "rush" is not the word you want to hear when we're talking about photos from a once in a lifetime day. Say goodbye to red eye, light leaks, and low quality images - We gotchu.

Who are you, anyway?

Glad you asked. Hi 👋 I'm Caroline.

As a female founder, it's a crazy thing to stick your neck out for an idea that you think will work. But after working in the wedding industry, I wanted to offer something that really captured the essence of such a momentous moment with all the nostalgia that you've experienced from generations past.

Enter disposable film cameras - An ode to the nostalgic film memories that crafted my parent's wedding album, the candids that shaped the stories that I heard over and over from my mom about their special day (Apparently my Grandpa had a missing shirt button that he was pointing to in every candid shot of him from my parent's wedding - that's just something you don't get in planned portraits 😂).

A way to see the entire wedding week from the perspective of your guests and capture every moment from welcome dinner to honeymoon.

We think that's something special & hope you do too.

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