3 Vendors to Think About for After Your Wedding

3 Vendors to Think About for After Your Wedding

You've planned your wedding: The decor is settled, the dress is altered, the vendors are paid. Congratulations - You did it! And as much as we want to say "take a break" we juuuuust want to make sure you've thought of the 3 vendors that come into play AFTER the wedding date.

These 3 vendors to think about for after your wedding are often forgotten, but will make that transition into the honeymoon a no-stress mess:

  1. Flower Preservation: Your wedding flowers were a beautiful part of your day, and preserving them can help you relive those magical moments. Consider investing in professional flower preservation services that can dry and frame your bouquet to display for years to come. BUT be sure to order before your wedding so the box is ready to send when they're still in peak condition - this will give your flowers the maximum vibrance once preserved.

    Our favorite? Check out Blossom & Rhyme.

  2. Dress Preservation: Your wedding dress is timeless, and preserving it properly is essential to protect the quality. There are many professional wedding dress preservation services that specialize in cleaning, repairing, and preserving wedding gowns. Be sure to check with the boutique/store that you purchased the dress from as many offer this service at a discount to their existing customers.

    If not, check out Wedding Gown Preservation Co for a door-to-door service.

  3. Name Change Plans: If you've decided to change your name after marriage, it's important to plan ahead and complete the necessary paperwork (especially if you have any flights already booked under your new name). Start by obtaining certified copies of your marriage certificate, then update your identification, bank accounts, insurance policies, and any other official documents with your new name. Consider using a name change service to streamline the process and ensure you don't miss any important updates.

    For a streamlined name change process specific to your state, check out HitchSwitch. 

At Chickadee Snaps, we love to see you preserve your wedding memories in the easiest way possible. Whether getting those disposable cameras developed or checking other items off your to-do list after the wedding, we're industry experts trying to make your life easier.

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