How to Get the Best Disposable Camera Photos at Your Wedding

How to Get the Best Disposable Camera Photos at Your Wedding

While professional photographers are a crucial part of documenting your wedding, incorporating disposable cameras can add a unique and candid touch to your wedding. Disposable cameras offer a nostalgic charm and allow your guests to become part of the photography process. Your wedding goes quick - You can't be on the dance floor AND by the cigar bar at the same time. Let your guests capture the candids that will shape the stories you tell for years to come. To ensure you get the best disposable camera photos at your wedding, here are some tips and tricks for how to get the best disposable camera photos at your wedding:

  1. Choose the Right Cameras: Selecting disposable cameras that are reliable is the first step. With film, you only get one chance to make sure the quality you're looking for will deliver those precious memories. Look for cameras with a built-in flash to capture well-lit photos in various lighting conditions. Consider the film type and ISO speed for optimal results. 

    We've tested a lot of disposable cameras to make sure Chickadee Snaps provide the best quality film for your memories. Basically, we've done the research for you - Trust us, these are the cameras you want.

  2. Inform Your Guests with a Sign: It's probably been a few decades since your guest have touched a disposable camera. For logistics reasons, it's best to set up a Disposable Camera Wedding Sign with instructions for use and where to leave them to be collected at the end of the night. 

  3. Designate Disposable Photographers (Snaps of Honor): In our experience, we've found that giving cameras to a select few guests that we like to call "Snaps of Honor" to manage throughout the night yields the best results (and keeps 8 year old cousin Timmy from running around snapping pictures of the sidewalk or under the dinner the table). 

  4. Capture Candid Moments: Encourage guests or your Snaps of Honor to take candid shots throughout the week/weekend (including the events leading up to the big day). These unplanned moments often result in genuine emotions and authentic memories that beautifully complement the formal photographs taken by your professional photographer.

  5. Utilize the Flash: Remind guests to use the camera's flash ALL THE TIME, even if the lighting looks okay in real life. Proper lighting ensures clearer and more vibrant photos, enhancing the overall quality of the disposable camera shots. Need a quick reminder on how to do so? Head here.

  6. Collect and Develop the Films: Development can be the most stressful part. Find and choosing a reputable photo lab rather than a chain development lab - You want to make sure that these precious captures are handled with the care that they deserve. Don't want to deal with it? We've got you covered on the development front - Just mail your snaps back and we'll take care of it.

Incorporating disposable cameras at your wedding can be a delightful addition that captures authentic moments and perspectives beyond the lens of a professional photographer. By following these tips on How to Get the Best Disposable Camera Photos at Your Wedding, you can ensure you get the best snaps that beautifully complement your wedding memories.

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