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Chickadee Snaps (Single Camera)

Chickadee Snaps (Single Camera)

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Looking for just a few cameras to capture the bach trip, rehearsal dinner, or honeymoon? These memories are better snapped on film. Our Chickadee Snaps individual disposable camera makes it easy to order as many wedding disposable cameras as you need, snap pics on your special day, and send them back to us. We will handle all the development and printing for you (if you choose).

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The Process

Step 1 | Order your Cameras 🛒

Choose from purchasing cameras only or opting in to our film development.

Step 2 | Receive your Cameras in the mail ✉️

If you're purchasing cameras and doing your own development - That's it! Enjoy!

Step 3 | Snap the Moments 📸

Make sure you use at all the events! Bach parties, showers, welcome party, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, after party - We want it all!

Step 4 | Send Em Back 📬

Send your Snaps back with the included return label. That's it, we'll take care of the development and retouching.

Step 5 | Enjoy Your Mems 🖼️

You did it! Enjoy the honeymoon while we process your film. You'll receive your digital files and prints in 2-3 weeks.